Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas in the Dining Room

Can I just say that I am in love with my dining room this Christmas season??  Really I am loving the whole dining room redo but especially right now.  I knew that I was going to be in trouble when Christmas rolled around because none of my usual Christmas decorations were going to look good with the new color scheme.  I decided to just go for it and totally change things up for the holiday season.  It turned out amazing (and so very different)!!  
 I really wanted to do mercury glass elements on the table but I was afraid they were going to be too expensive.  I hit up T.J. Maxx and was amazed to find just what I was wanting for only $6!!!  I love the the mercury glass trees and candlesticks.  I pulled out my fine china (that has never been used) as well because it went perfectly with the silver elements.
 I had bought this joy birch bark sign last year just because I loved it.  It didn't really go but now I know why I got it - because it was meant to go with the new set up!!  It is perfect!
 This is my big splurge that I am so excited about.  I went to a trunk show of a local artist, Georgi Bragg, and saw this and immediately knew it was perfect.  After some convincing by a friend, I just bought it!  And I have not had one moment of regret.  It is beautiful and so unique.  The colors are perfect.  I am so excited to get to showcase it each year.
 And finally the little sideboard.  My mom gave an early Christmas present of an amazing tray that fits perfectly in the room.  I filled my canisters with some silver ornaments to complete the look!
There has been an added Christmas touch since I finished wrapping all the family gifts.  I love how they add some fun Christmas color to the room!
As you can tell, I am just a little excited about how the decorations turned out.  Sometimes I just go in there and sit and enjoy it!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Even More Christmas Fun

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!  I love all of the wonderful Christmas fun that there is to be had.  Fun traditions that make Christmas so special.  Friday night we continued a tradition of getting dressed up in our Christmas jammies and heading out to look at Christmas lights.  We all got hot chocolate and popcorn then loaded up in the van for the fun!
 Of course there had to be a selfie before we headed out.  We turned up the Christmas music and off we went!
 We drove all over South Huntsville and Hampton Cove.  There are some awesome light displays out there.  We voted this one our favorite.  It is set to music and has Christmas characters in a rock band.  Really cool!  We finished up going through the Chic fil a drive through for cookies.  This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions.  It puts me in such a festive mood.
 Saturday was packed!!  We went in several different directions.  I enjoyed a 5 course tea with my mom and some of our friends.  It was really great.  Such a relaxing time with friends.  It was wonderful to get caught up and just enjoy some down time in the busy season.
 Kate went off to Kaylee's 5th birthday party!!  It was a lunch with Santa at the botanical gardens.  She had so much fun.
 Ben and Matt did some shopping and went to the Lego club holiday open house.  Like I said we all went in different directions.  Saturday night was our life group Christmas party.  We dropped the kids off with a baby sitter and went out to dinner.  It was perfect!!  An adult only evening.

Sunday was church.  I managed to get a couple of cute pictures of the kids before church.

 Sunday afternoon was spent getting ready for a busy week but we did relax at night to watch Elf and drink hot chocolate by the tree.
I just love Christmastime!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 Ornaments

I always like to include a post on the new ornaments we have on our tree each year.  That way there will be a record of when we got them.  This year's ornaments are all about Disney.  I guess that sums up our year!  

I got this Rapunzel shoe when we went to Disney back in February.  Since I ran the 1/2 marathon as Rapunzel I thought this was perfect to remember that special accomplishment and the fun trip Matt and I had.  
 We did things a little different this year with the kid's ornaments.  Matt and I usually pick them out but this year while we were at Disney in October they both found ones they wanted so we just let that be their ornament for the year.  Kate picked out this cute Tinkerbelle.  She even lights up which is really cool!
 This is the ornament I got to remember our family Disney trip in October.
 And this is Ben's ornament for the year.  I have been looking for a Chip and Dale ornament for him for years.  He loves Chip and Dale so it is perfect!!
 And finally our yearly Potter Barn frame ornament.  We have one of this for every year since we have been married.  Love seeing how our family has changed over the years.  We have 12 of them on the tree now.  My goal is to one day do a tree with only these ornaments on it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Day of Fun

Saturday was a rare December free day.  We had nothing on the calendar which was glorious.  We woke  up and decided to hit the road for a day of fun!  First stop was the Chic fil a in the mall for breakfast with Santa.  We have done this the last couple of years and it is great!  They have several characters that wonder around for pictures while you eat.  It is great to meet Santa for free with no line!

 We had to laugh at the Anna and Elsa.  They looked nothing like the real Anna and Elsa.  Kate really didn't want her picture with them (after all she has met the real ones) but she was nice to them and took a picture.
 Next stop was at our local toy store, Southerland Station, for their Christmas open house.  They also had some fun characters out to meet and the kids enjoyed checking out all of the toys.

 We were all still having fun and in the Christmas mood so we decided to go to the Christmas parade.  We had some time to kill before it started so we went to the Tinsel Trail in Big Spring Park.  Different families and organizations decorate trees in the park.  There are 100's of trees and they are all really pretty.  We enjoyed picking our our favorites.

 We still needed to kill some more time so we went to a craft show.  Yes, a craft show.  It was a first for our family.  Kids were not too excited but we survived.  Actually we ran into my college roommate's parents which was neat.  Got caught up with them.  Then it was off to the parade.  It turned really cold while we were watching but it was still fun.

 It has been 20 years since we had been to the Huntsville Christmas parade (since Matt and I were in the band and marched in it).  Needless to say we really weren't missing much in that time.  It is pretty basic with lots of boy scouts and dance troupes.  But the kids seemed to enjoy it and we had fun together as a family.
It was a great way to spend a Saturday during such a busy time of the year.  Love our little family and that we can have fun just being together!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Lots of Kate

Since Kate is with me a little bit more than Ben these days, I have more random pictures of her on my phone. I thought I would do a post of some of the random Kate pics.  

Last Monday Addy joined Kate and I for a fun evening.  Addy was out of town for Kate's birthday party so we promised to have a make up party.  We all put on our Christmas pjs and went to Sonic for ice cream.  We also drove around looking at Christmas lights.  It was a fun evening with Kate and her best friend since birth!

 I had to laugh at this scene.  Growing up I had issues with leaving my shoes around the house.  My dad would get so mad at me and threaten to throw away all my shoes.  I found 3 pairs of Kate's shoes in the living room last week.  She is just like me!
 The weather was great last week.  Like warm enough that we were in short sleeves.  Kate got out our new sled and pretended to go sledding in the 70 degree weather.
 She rarely falls asleep in car line these days but she did this week and looked so cute!
 Friday was pajama day at school.  She wore her pjs for 36 hours straight!  Nothing better than that.