Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Times!

We had another wonderful weekend!! All weekends are wonderful it seems. But this one was full of fun things! Friday night our neighbor Anna came over for the evening. Anna is 8 years old and I think she is Ben's best friend. They have such a cute relationship to be so far apart in age. They love hanging out with each other and playing! Ben cries to go over to her house. It is so cute. Since her parents had to go out she came over and spent some time with us which of course Ben loved! They played and watched movies. At the end of the night Ben curled up in her lap to fall asleep! Too cute!

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and Ben and I headed out to Birmingham for the day. We first stopped at our friends the Brenegans house. Colleen is my friend from Children's in Birmingham. She was great fun to work with and we have stayed in touch. She had a little girl Claire just after Ben was born so we try to get them together every so often. We had a fun lunch with them and got caught up. Ben actually stayed with them for the afternoon while I went to my shower. He had so much fun! They went to the park and played and played! It was great to get to see them and a big thanks to Colleen for watching Ben!!!

Here we are with Colleen and Claire right after the little ones were born.

Here they are at 1 years old!

And on Saturday! They had a blast together!

Saturday afternoon I got to help out with a shower for my friend Lisa! Lisa is a great friend from college and she is getting married in May. We are so excited for her and Kevin as they start their lives together so I was excited to get to help out in honoring her with a bridal tea! It was great to see her and catch up as well!!

It was a good and busy weekend. We survived the travel down to B'ham and back. Ben is a great traveler (portable DVD player!!) so that makes it not so bad. I am glad we got to see so many of our friends!