Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Day At The Zoo

To celebrate the start of summer, we headed down to Birmingham for a fun day.  We went over to my awesome friend Lisa's house and got to meet her sweet baby girl Savannah Grace.  I have been dying to meet her for the last 4 months so I was so excited to get to go down today.  Lisa and I decided to go to the zoo with the kids.  The weather was just perfect today.  Sunny and not too hot.  And it was 1/2 price day at the zoo so everything was just great!

Kate could not wait to go see the snakes.  I don't think she belongs to us!

 Sweet Savannah Grace!!  She is just the best baby.  We drug her all over the zoo and she didn'tcry once! 
 My favorite animal!
 Checking out the elephant show.  They have it trained so it was really neat to watch. 
Kate fell in love with Savannah Grace.  She kept giving her toys and pushing her stroller.  She loved getting to "take care" of a real baby.  Tonight at prayer time she included her in her prayers.  So sweet!
The monkeys were a big hit!
The kids had a fun time playing on the playground.  They have really improved the Birmingham zoo over the last few years.  It is much bigger and nicer than the last time we were there.

The lions were so active!  I have never seen lions up and moving around as much as these were.
We took a fun train ride around the zoo.

Last stop was at the splash pad.  The kids had a blast!!
Kate was a wild woman in the water.  She looked so grown up to me.

It was such a great day.  We are all exhausted now but it was full of fun!  It was also wonderful to get to spend the day with such a wonderful friend.  I always love when we get to hang out.  She is one of those really special friends that I am so thankful for.