Thursday, July 5, 2012

Celebrating The Red, White & Blue!

It was interesting having the 4th of July in the middle of the week.  Made for a pretty low key day.  Thankfully Matt had remembered to ask for the day off 4 months ago so he was able to hang with us.  We enjoyed a quiet start to the day and some family fun. Then we headed over to Matt's Aunt Teri's house to swim and hang with family.  The kids were excited to swim.  Love their patriotic bathing suites. 

We all had a blast swimming, playing water volleyball and eating yummy food!

 Everyone was worn out and we all took great naps after all the fun in the sun.  Then we headed over to Kelly and Andrew's house for some more family time.  We made a red, white and blue fruit salad and a fun layered dessert. 

 The kids love hugging Grandaddy!
 We ate even more yummy food.  We then went and played a little cornhole. 
 Kate finished the day snuggling with Grandaddy.
And Ben fell fast asleep on their couch.  Poor guy was worn out!
It was a fun day celebrating our country and spending time with family.