Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Tour Of Homes - Laundry Room

This is the last room in our house on the tour.  I might do a few other things over the next few weeks but this is pretty much it.  I guess it's good to end up with the room that gets lots of use but no one ever sees except for me.  I spend lots of time in here so I decided to make it fun.  I painted it a fun purple color.  I figured this is the one room in the house that is "mine" so I could paint it one of my favorite colors. 
We are very lucky that our laundry room is nice and big.  There is lots of room for storage of cleaning products and extra stuff we need around the house. 
 I even have room to store my "party things" along with art supplies. 
 We have had our washer and dryer since we got married so they are the old school kind but work great so we will keep them. 
I have added a few other fun touches to make the room more personal since I do spend some time in it. 
 I also have a great place to hang the ironing board (not that I ever use it) and all my mops. 
I saw this super cute sign on Pinterest the other day and I do believe I am going to have to make one for my laundry room. 


Unknown said...

I'm stopping by for a blog visit from Kelly's Korner.
You have a wonderful laundry room.
The shelving is great for hanging clothes and storage.