Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Y'all

Check out our Halloween cuties!!  
 It was a big dilemma as to what they were going to be this year.  Ben wanted to do Star Wars and Kate wanted to do princesses.  So we compromised with Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.  They looked so cute!

 We had a fun Halloween doing a little Trick or Treating around the neighborhood with Evan and Addy.  So much fun!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Annual Pumpkin Carving

Some how over the last few years we have developed the tradition of pumpkin carving with a theme.  We have tried to match it up to whatever we are doing for the kid's Halloween costumes (pirate, Batman and Auburn).  This year Halloween has a Star Wars theme so that means a Star Wars pumpkin. After much debate we decided to go with a Yoda pumpkin.  We even used a green pumpkin to finish off the effect.  The kids were so exited to do the carving last night.  

 So they lasted just a few minutes before moving on to something else.  Matt stuck with it and did an amazing job!  He always amazes me with his pumpkin carving skills!!  Check out Yoda!!

We are all so excited for Halloween tomorrow.  It's going to be so much fun!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Crazy Weekend

Well, all I can say about this weekend is we survived!  It was once again super crazy!  I don't know how we manage to pack so much in but it is good.  Thankfully Friday night was pretty low key (well for the kids and I - Matt was out until 1 am playing his crazy game).  Saturday started really early.  We went to Panera and then went to get the kids flu shots.  I was really proud of them.  Neither of them cried (well Ben had a major melt down before the shot but didn't cry when he actually got it).  Then it was off to party!  Kate and Matt headed to her friend Elsie's 3rd birthday.  Sounds like they had lots of fun.  
Ben and I were off to the soccer fields for his last game.  Did I mention it turned really cold and was super windy.  Ben has had a great time playing soccer this season.  He loves playing with all his buddies.   His team wasn't all that great but they got much better as the season went on and actually won the last 2 games.  Ben was excited to get his trophy to put on his shelf.  This is trophy number 3!
 We ran straight from the soccer fields to a birthday party for one of his school buddies - Davin.  It was at a fun indoor play place that just opened near us.  Ben had a great time!
 We got about an hour to rest when the birthday parties were over before it was time for another party.  Our Sunday School class had a little Halloween get together.  There were games for the kids and lots of great food.  We had a great time hanging with our friends!

 Sunday was a crazy busy day with church activities.  Matt had to speak in the evening service about his trip to Rwanda so we had to be back at church early in the afternoon.  He did a great job and is was really neat to hear about all the amazing things God has been doing through mission teams.
Whew!  I am tired just rewriting our weekend.  Hopefully next weekend we will actually have some down time.  Ha!

Friday, October 26, 2012


There is nothing better than snuggling with my babies on a Friday night. Matt is out with friends. The kids and I are in our pjs watching Robin Hood. My idea of a perfect Friday night. Yes there a bunch of other things I could be doing but snuggling is my favorite!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Want to Remember

Terrible 2's are real!  It has been very trying with Kate.  She seems to be testing us and trying her limits at all times.  That makes for some really long days full of correction.  It has been tough.  There are times I want to give up but then I remember how sweet and special she is at other times.  Her little giggle makes me smile every time I hear it.  She laughs with everything in her.  I can just sit and soak it in.  She also tells the funniest stories.  They are so elaborate and full of details.  I love seeing her little personality emerging.  Her favorite thing to do is to have us each pretend to be a different character from a Disney movie.  All day long we are either Simba or Cinderella or the Stepmother.  She just loves to pretend.  I just want to remember every little thing about her at this time - the good and the bad.  I know they are both molding her into who she will become and also molding me into a better person.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Report Card & Baby Grace

Today was a big day for Ben.  He got his very first report card.  He was so excited.  They use an interesting system of numbers to show how they are meeting milestones so not exactly A's and B's but he did meet all of the standards he needs to.  He could not wait to show it to us and then find out what we were going to do to celebrate.  We told him we would go out to eat this weekend.  We are so proud of how well he is doing in school.  He really does enjoy school!
Yesterday I got to meet sweet Baby Grace for the first time.  I have been dying to get my hands on her the past 2 months.  She is just precious.  So sweet and tiny.  I am in love!!  The Wrights were in town for a few days so it was great to get caught up with LeeAnn and see the girls.  I loved hanging with Paige and snuggling with Grace.  

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crazy Saturday

I sat down a couple of weeks ago and looked at the calendar.  It is crazy how busy our weekends are going to be for the next few weekends.  Ok really through Christmas we are packed out!  AHHHH!!  Oh well, that is just life with 2 kids and lots of friends.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Plus staying so busy means we have not time to watch Auburn play or even really think about how bad things are this year. 
This past Saturday was no exception we had several different activities all throughout the day.  It started with the Fall Festival at Ben's school.  It is a big fundraiser for the school and the kids were super excited to go.  Ben loved the soda ring toss game.  I was watching and none of the kids were winning so I told Ben to just go for one of the sodas on the front row.  Ben was determined to get a Mello Yello that was on the 4th row back.  And wouldn't you know that lucky little guy hit it on the first try!  He was so excited!

They had lots of fun on the inflatables. 

 Kate won a Cinderella doll at the stuffed animal walk.  Cinderella has gone everywhere with us the last few days. 

 Ben had a soccer game that we had to fit in between fun at the Fall Festival.  Ben has enjoyed soccer but it will be great to have that done with this week!
 We ran home for quick naps then it was back out for Ben to go to his buddy John Thomas' birthday party at the Little Gym.  My friend Jenny did a cute job with the Lego theme. 
While Ben was at the party the rest of us went to a work get together for Matt.  It was a tailgate themed party so it had the best foods! 

We all came home and crashed after the crazy day!  And we will just get to do it all over again this weekend! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Pumpkin Patch Trip

I know I said to be on the look out for more Tate Farms pumpkin patch pictures because we were going as a family on Friday.  Well, to have pictures you have to remember to put the SD card in your camera.  So I wasn't really able to take any pictures.  Ugh!  I can't believe I did that.   I love pumpkin patch pictures.  Oh well, I got a few on my phone before it got to dark and I got a few from friends.  I am still waiting on some more from another friend so hopefully I can add a few more. 

Our church rented out the entire farm on Friday night.  We were able to go for a really discounted price which was awesome since it is normally so expensive.  It was also great because we could bring guests for free.  We invited several of our neighbors to come with us.  The kids had a wonderful time because all of their friends were there.  Plus it is just such a fun place!  The huge slide is always a favorite!

 There was tons of fun to be had in the corn cribs.  I don't quite understand how it could be fun to play in hard corn but they love it!

Nothing better than a petting zoo (ha - I do not like petting zoos at all!)
 My sweet friends Hollie and Jenny.  Love these girls!
 Cute picture of Kate and Jonah. 
 And jumping on the jumpping pillow is just so much fun.  Poor Kate had trouble staying on her feet.
It was a great evening.  The weather was just perfect and the kids had a blast.  I wish I had my camera and some more pictures but that's ok!

Here are some pictures I got from a friend!