Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend Catch Up

I'm just slightly behind on posting right now.  Lots has been going on the last few days/weeks.  Can't believe we are almost into summer!  Our weekend was fairly low key.  It ended up being rainy for most of the weekend so ball games were cancelled and we had more free time than we thought.  We mainly just hung around the house Friday night and Saturday.  Saturday night we went to Rosies for dinner.  It has probably been a year since we have been to Rosies.  I think that is a record!
 Matt's job has been in major upheaval the last month or so.  It has been rough.  We still aren't sure how things will turn out but one good thing is he has an awesome new office!  It is huge and has the best window ever!!  We went and checked it out.  The kids loved it and I had fun decorating.
 Kate and I then went on a fun outing.  We went to see Addy's dance recital.
 Kate was so excited to see Addy and give her some flowers!
 Sunday morning at church was just awesome!  The service was amazing.  Such a time of healing for our church.  We also got to go see the new children's wing that is being built in the back of the church.  It is so exciting to think about how wonderful this building is going to be.  Kate loved seeing what will be her room in August!
 We also got to write scripture/prayers on the floor of the new building.  Such a neat time.
Sunday night we got to hang out with our life group that we hadn't seen in quite a few weeks.  Just a great weekend overall!