Monday, June 23, 2014

A Weekend Full of Whims

I was thinking back through our weekend and realized everything we did was last minute and unplanned.  Not the usual way we operate but it worked!  Friday night we were all tired after a very long week of camps and fun.  We decided to go get some Mexican food and see the outdoor movie in Providence.  We decided all of this at about 5:10 and were out the door by 5:15.  They were showing The Lego Movie and had Emmit there to meet.  
 We arrived really early and got great seats but had to wait a long time for the movie to start.  That meant getting bit by lots of bugs!
 The kids really enjoyed the movie (I thought it was strange).  Overall it was a great night and fun to spend some time together after such a busy week.
 Saturday morning Matt was mowing the yard and and ran out to him yelling we have to go get a piano.  We had been talking about getting a piano sometime soon because Ben wants to take lessons.  With the unplanned renovation of the study (water damage) I decided to start looking for a piano.  I found one on Craigslist for $50!!!!  Insane price.  It was just what I wanted.  We drove out to Madison and got it Saturday afternoon.  I am so excited.  I love a good deal and also can't wait for Ben to start learning music.  This also spurred a conversation with my decorator (aka: my mom) about redoing the study and dining room.  We brainstormed some really great ideas I am super excited about!
 Saturday night included an impromptu swim over at Kelly and Andrew's pool.  The kids loved having Matt swim with them.  It was a nice relaxing night by the pool.
Sunday Matt had to go speak at a meeting in Pensacola so he drove down early in the morning and drove home late at night.  The kids and I had a lazy day.  After church, LeeAnn and the girls came over since Brad was also in Pensacola.  The kids ran around crazy and LeeAnn and I talked.  It was great.  Ben and I watched the USA World Cup game.  A last second tie was disappointing but we did get to feel a little bit of what the Alabama fans felt this year in the Iron Bowl.

Now it is back to the craziness.  Both kids are in camps again this week so I have resumed my role as chauffeur.