Sunday, August 31, 2014

It's Football Time!!!

The most wonderful time of the year is beginning!  Fall combined with football season - it doesn't get much better.  So looking forward to cooler days and lots and lots of football.  The great thing about football is that we all enjoy it so much.  We started getting ready Friday by getting the schedule up on the chalkboard.  
 The kids were decked out in their Auburn gear for school on Friday!
 Saturdays mean football on the TV all day.  We rewatched the last second of the Iron Bowl over and over and over again to get pumped up (really I think we may have watched it 100 times).  Ben laughed everytime.  I still cry everytime.  It was a good way to get excited for the 2014 season.
 We had the Cabras and Wrights over to watch the game.  So cute to get all the kids lined up on the couch in their Auburn gear.
 One of the best parts of football season is all the great food!  We enjoyed some BBQ in honor of us beating up on the Hogs!  Combine that with all the good dips and the fun desserts and it is just perfect!
 The game was great!  Auburn really pulled through in the second half.  So happy to be at a stage where the kids can go play and we can actually watch the game.  It's nice.

Excited for a great season for the Auburn Tigers!  It is going to be fun no matter what!