Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Day #2

We woke up to a winter wonderland on Thursday morning.  8+ inches of snow is just beautiful!  Matt had to head into work.  We were a little worried about him getting there but he made it just fine.  The kids and I enjoyed a special snow day breakfast of oatmeal cookies and hot chocolate.  
 The kids and I quickly got bundled up to head out and play!  It was so much fun!!  Perfect snow day!
 It was really deep in the backyard.  Up to Ben's knees.

 Our Toomer's Oak looked beautiful in the snow!
 We spent about 4 hours playing in the snow with friends.  Lots of snowball fights and snowman building.
 My parents and Perry came over for a little while.  Ben and Perry enjoyed a fun sled ride with Grandaddy!
My dad and I took a walk around the lake.  It was gorgeous!  Loved getting to spend some time with my dad!

The sun came out mid day and the snow quickly melted away.  Thankfully everything got to normal by Friday!!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow Day #1

Well, the forecasts were right - it snowed on Wednesday.  And not just a little - alot.  Like 8.5 inches!  That is the 4th most snow in Huntsville history.  Crazy!!!  It started snowing around 2:30 and it was snowed hard and fast.  We went out to play in it for a couple of hours while it was snowing hard!  
 It was such a light and fluffy snow.  Perfect for packing to make snowballs and snowmen!

These guys built this big snowman all by themselves!  It was awesome!  Took all the snow we had at the time in the yard but don't worry it was quickly filled back up!
 There were some epic snowball fights!
 After a couple of hours we were all wet and cold so we came inside for a yummy vegetable dinner and a movie.  We went to bed with snow continuing to fall!  Everyone was excited for another snow day to come!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Snow Edition

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Tuesday

So I guess Tuesday is becoming my day for random posts.  Here is what I have for today...  

Ben finished up his reading fair project on Prince Caspian over the weekend.  He did an awesome job on his first really big project.  It looks great and he wrote a great summary.  We will get to go see all the reading projects next week.  
 We have been in full court press the last few days getting ready for a big snow storm.  It looks like it is going to happen!!  3-5 inches of snow.  Guessing we will be stuck inside for a few days.  I try to avoid taking the kids to the grocery store with me but had to yesterday.  I quickly remembered why they don't normally go!  We managed to get everything we needed and are ready to be snowed in!
 Kate's latest obsession is coloring!!  She loves coloring and does it every free minute she has.  I decided to join her last night and we sat and colored together for over an hour.  Kate doing anything for an hour is amazing.  I loved getting to spend time with her doing what she loves.
 Ok I have a problem!  My van is a total mess!!  I can't seem to keep it clean.  It stays so messy.  Full of papers, books, jackets and lots of other stuff.  I spend 3-4 hours a day in the van so I pretty much live there.  It may just be the nature of being a "mom mobile" but I sure would like to keep it clean.  Any suggestions for helping keep it clean?

Well that was totally random but our life.  Now to wait for the snow...

Monday, February 23, 2015

A Little More Snow

We have been stuck in this horrible winter weather pattern.  Just about every other day there is rain, sleet, freezing rain or snow (or all 4).  In the past 7 days the kids have only gone 1 full day.  There have been delays and early dismissals all the time.  It hadn't panned into much until Friday afternoon.  It started snowing around noon (kids got out at 11:30).  Quickly we got about 1 inch of snow and slushy ice stuff.  It was great.  Matt got home early from work and we headed outside to play!  It was great to have him home.  He hasn't been home for a snow since the kids were really little.  We had so much fun playing and sledding for about an hour before it got dark.  

 The adults even got in on the sledding fun!!

It was a great afternoon in the snow!  It is looking like we might get some more over the next few days.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Things Around the House

Winter time is always a good time for getting projects done around the house.  I have been working on a few things and also realized I hadn't updated on a few of the redecorating projects from the summer.  So here is what is new around our house...

I had struggled with what to put in the dining room and on the walls but it has all come together in the last couple of weeks.  Kelly gave me a great table runner for Christmas and I found the perfect candle sticks.  
 I went on a search to Home Goods for things for the walls and came across these great frames.  They are the perfect size and color!  My mom had a great book with botanical flowers in it that were perfect (per all the decorating blogs botanicals are all the rage right now).  It came together perfectly and I love it.  Also it was under $50!!

 I moved our Eckley family window into the dining room and it looks great.  I also got lots of fun nick nacks for the side board (my mom gives awesome Christmas presents).  I love how this room has come together!
 My chalkboard got a winter/Easter update!  I am really enjoying getting to be creative with it and do so many fun things!  
I don't think I ever showed pictures of the updated guest room.  I am not done but I may never finish so I might as well post some pictures.  It is a beautiful aqua color and so peaceful!!  
 I found this fun mirror and shelf at garage sales and I am in the process of giving them a little make over to put on the walls.  It will come together eventually.
 We don't have many guests but if you need a place to stay we have a great room and awesome bathroom!
 Complete with a basket full of stuff for guests!
 And finally the porch.  I can't remember if I posted pictures of it or not.  It was 25 degrees today so I took a very quick picture!  We can wait for spring to get outside more.
Well, that's what's new around our casa!  I've got some more work to do in the study/music room but it should be fun!