Friday, June 26, 2015

Colorado Springs - Garden of the Gods

Wednesday (6/10) was a big day because we were returning to civilization!  Really we hadn't realized it but for 10 days we had really been in National Parks and small towns without the city life we were used to.  We packed up and headed down from the Rocky Mountains on our way to Colorado Springs.  Unfortunately we told Ben to read as we were driving down the curvy mountain roads which led to him throwing up all in his hat due to car sickness.  Opps!!  Parent fail!  Poor buddy was car sick for the rest of the ride which was not fun.  We had to scrap some of our Colorado Springs plans since Ben wasn't feeling well (going up Pikes Peak was not a smart idea).  We went straight to our hotel and rested for a little bit before heading out to visit Garden of the Gods.  

 The red rock formations were really neat to see after all of the mountains we had been seeing the last week.  I think I have talked about Kate's Ruff Ruffman show obsession.  Well, there is a episode where they visit Garden of the Gods so Kate was able to tell us all about it and was so excited to visit.  We saw the Kissing Camels.

 It was really neat to get to explore the inside of some of the rock formations.
 The kids loved going over to the balance rocks and pretending to hold them up!

 We took a little hike up to the Siamese Twins formations.  Another thing from Ruff Ruffman that Kate was dying to see.  I think it was the only time she asked to go on a hike.

We finished up the day by going down to the Old Colorado City to eat at an Italian restaurant that was great.  It was a nice relaxing day and reintroduction to city life!