Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas with the Easts

We had our traditional Christmas night with the East family.  It was a hard time.  We missed Grandaddy so much.  But we found joy in talking about him and knowing he would want us to have fun.  We changed things up this year and Matt smoked a ham.  It was really yummy and we enjoyed some fun sides with it.  
 After dinner, it was present time!!  There were so many presents as usual.
 Cousin picture!!
 Present time is always so much fun and crazy!

 Kate loved her American Girl Grace apron from Granna!
 The kids also got snorkel gear from Granna and Grandaddy for our trip this summer.

 Kelly and Andrew got Ben some bison meat jerky.
 Of course the infamous mint jelly had to show up again.  Ha!  It is a tradition.  It was wrapped in a crazy box this year so disguise it.
 We all spent the night at Granna's house and woke up to the smell of cooking beignets. It is a day after Christmas tradition!
 Everyone ate until they were full.
That wrapped up our Christmas celebrating.  It was a different, hard year but it was still good.  God carried us through and allowed us to make good memories in spite of circumstances.