Monday, April 20, 2009


Ben has become a little obsessed with golf lately. We really don't know why but he just loves it. I loves watching it on TV. Everytime we drive by the golf course near our house (which is everyday because you have to drive by it to get anywhere) he says "golf, golf, golf" over and over. It is so cute. He loves to "play" golf in the driveway too! So Saturday Matt took him golfing!!! They just went to the short course near our house but they had so much fun!!!! Matt would hit the ball up on the green and get it within 1 foot of the hole and then Ben would putt it in! He loved it. He would do the "happy dance" after he hit it in! I am sure they will be going back soon.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Matt is such a good dad!

Ben Amos

p.s. Tiger Woods started playing when he was about Ben's age. Perhaps he will be that good!

Aunt Lisa said...

That is just too cute!

The South Family said...

So fun! I'm sure the Morris' are very excited since they are all so into golf. Ben really is the cutest little boy!