Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dance Recital 2015

Friday was Kate's big day - dance recital!!!  She was so excited to get to show off all she has learned this year for her family.  What little girl doesn't love getting dressed in a beautiful costume and getting to wear makeup.  She looked beautiful!!  We started with a few pictures with Paige.  

 Then it was off to Lee High School for the big show.  She loved getting to take dance with her sweet friends Paige and Emery this year.  They had so much fun together.
 Granna and Mema came backstage to see the star before the show.  I was laughing that I felt like a true dance mom this year since I actually knew what was going on.  Ahhh!!!  Actually I love it because Kate loves it.  She is in her element dancing and being on stage!
 Then it was time for the big show!!  They got to do a ballet to "Let It Go" which is every little girl's dream.  Kate sang along for the whole number.  She did AMAZING!!!!  We are so proud of how well she did.  It was the best I had ever seen her do!!

 There were lots of hugs and pictures with our favorite dancer after the show.   Perry got her some beautiful pink roses he picked out.

 We got her some beautiful cookies again this year.

We love getting to watch our beautiful girl do something she really enjoys.  She is so excited about getting to move up to Jazz class next year in dance.  So proud of how well she does!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Weekly Catch Up

Can't believe it is already Friday!!  Where did the week go??  We were busy settling into our summer routine I guess.  And summer weeks go by much faster than school weeks.  Thankfully again this summer I will get to cut back on my work days and only work 1 day a week which is great for having fun the rest of the week.  And we had some fun this week...

Monday was Memorial Day and we had a pretty normal day other than Ben playing with his buddy Kyle all day.  But that night we went over to the Wright's house for a cookout and time together.  The kids put on a play for us that was hilarious.  Love that these guys can have so much fun together!
 We spent lots of time at the pool this week.  One day Kate swam for 5 hours straight.  I was afraid she was going to turn into a fish.  The kids also spent lots of time playing with friends including playing Mall Madness.
 Tuesday Kate had her last softball game.  She finished up strong with good hits and running.  They had a little party after the game where they got cute charm bracelets!  Kate was so excited!

 This weekend it recital weekend for Kate (she is a busy girl!)  So yesterday was dress rehearsal.  We love our studio and Mrs. Haley!!  Here she is with "her babies" as she calls them.  The rehearsal went well.  It will be interesting to see how tonight goes (I give it a 50/50 shot at being ok).
 Addy got to watch dress rehearsal since she can't come to the show tonight which was lots of fun!
Well that's our week in a snapshot.  Full of fun, friends and sun!  Loving summer!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An Afternoon at the Lake

Sunday after church we headed 22 minutes up the road to Honeycomb campground on Lake Guntersville for an afternoon of fun with our friends.  We joined them last year while they were camping and had a great time so we decided to join them again this year.  It was so much fun!  The kids spent hours digging in the sand and making sand creations.  They also swam and swam.  It was so much fun to watch.  The weather was beautiful.  We got to just relax and watch the kids play.  There was a few trips out on the paddleboats that were lots of fun.  The boys did a little fishing.  It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Saturday of Summer

The kick off of summer continued on Saturday with lot of fun activities.  We went to the pool first thing and we were the only people there.  The kids had fun getting re acclimated to the water and swimming.  It was a gorgeous day (although the water is still freezing and you won't find me in the water until mid July)! 

 Late afternoon, we headed over to Decatur for the annual hot air balloon festival.  Our life group got together to go and see all the balloons.  We found a nice shady spot to have a picnic and hang out before the hot air balloon fun.

 The boys had a great time playing Frisbee and football.  
 There was a wind so unfortunately the balloons could not fly but thankfully they were able to blow them up so we could look at them.  We got to watch the process of blowing them up which was really neat.  

 There were so really beautiful balloons and some really funny ones.  The kids loved seeing them all

 We stuck around to see them glow at night which is always really cool.

It was a great day full of fun, family and friends!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kicking off Summer Fun!

To celebrate the end of school and to kick off the summer fun we hit up the putt putt course last night.  It has been a while since we have been to play mini golf so everyone was really excited.  
 Ben being the ever competitive first child was really into the game and keeping score.  He played great and got 2 holes in one.
 Kate being the ever wild second child spent most of her time playing and exploring the course and the "wild animals" that were around.

 Family selfie!!  Love these people so much!  We had so much fun being together as a family.

 Matt beat us as always.  But Ben and I were highly competitive for second and Kate ,well Kate, finished.
Such a fun way to kick off the summer!