Friday, May 1, 2015

K for a Day

Yesterday was a big day for Miss Kate, she got to go to K for a Day at the "big school."  She was so excited!!!  It is a fun 2 hours where the incoming kindergartners get to visit a classroom, take a tour and see what next year is going to be all about.   
 She went to visit a classroom and do some activities while I had a meeting with the principal (I learned all about the school - Ha!).  Then we got to go on a tour.  She enjoyed getting to see the technology room.  
 We finished up with a snack and getting to meet some of the other kids she will be in class with.  It was a special morning.  She loved wearing her Kindergarten Rocks dress.  I am so excited that both of these kiddos will be in the same school next year!!  Going to be so wonderful!!