Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Showing Off

Sunday was a really busy day around the Eckley house.  After church we had to quickly get ready for Ben and Kate to show off what they have been learning in piano and at Pre K this year.  Of course it always happens that both big events are on the same day.  Thankfully they were an hour apart so we were able to make both.  
 Up first was Ben's piano recital.
 He has done so well at piano this year.  His teacher says he has lots of natural talent (he gets that from his Daddy).  He worked really hard to memorize his folk song that he played by himself.

 Then he played a duet with his teacher.  He did awesome!!  So proud of him and how hard he has worked all year!
 We then quickly ran over to MCDC for Kate's Spring program.  Of course there had to be a picture with Paige.
 Kate was born to be on stage.  She put so much emotion and expression into her singing.  It was awesome to watch.  They recited Bible verses, sang songs and even did some Spanish.

 Had to get a picture of Kate and Perry.  It was Kate's last Spring program and Perry's first.  Glad they got to overlap for one year.
So proud of both Ben and Kate!