Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Where Do I Start?

It has been a whole month since I have done any blogging.  What a month it has been.  We are still alive and surviving.  The past 3 weeks have really just been a big blur.  We are somehow forging a new path for our family.  A hard path without our dad and grandaddy but we are doing it.  We have made it through birthdays and Christmas already.  Hard to think about 2015 coming to an end tomorrow.  In one way I am glad to see this tough year come to an end but in another I don't want it to end.  We had Grandaddy with us for most of the year and it was good.  But life moves on and so will we!!  

I am going to go back and catch the blog up on everything that has happened over the past month.  So be on the look out for past posts to pop up.  Until then here is our little family on Christmas Eve.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

After Christmas Fun

After all the Christmas fun was over, we still had a full week off of school.  It was awesome!!  We didn't do much of anything but just hang out and play.  It was great.  The kids were excited to open presents from GG and Aunt Lisa one day.  
 Kate and I did some holiday baking since we didn't have time before Christmas.  She was a great helper!
 Our candy cane cookies turned out pretty well.
 Ben had a great week riding his new bike around the neighborhood with his buddies and playing some new games.  Chronobomb was a big hit!
 We did get out one day and go to the dollar movie to see the Peanuts movie.  That was lots of fun!
A low key week was just what we all needed!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Panthers Game

The day after Christmas Opa came over and picked up the boys to head to Atlanta for the Panthers game on Sunday!  They were so excited!!!  
 They enjoyed hanging out in Atlanta on Saturday night and going to eat at Ted's Montana Grill where Ben of course had to get a bison burger!!

 Sunday it was up bright and early to head to the Georgia Dome for the game.  The Panthers were undefeated so hopes were really high for that to continue.
 The game didn't turn out quite like they wanted.  It was a great game but the Panthers just couldn't pull it out in the end.  But these guys still had a great time and I am so glad they got to go!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas with the Easts

We had our traditional Christmas night with the East family.  It was a hard time.  We missed Grandaddy so much.  But we found joy in talking about him and knowing he would want us to have fun.  We changed things up this year and Matt smoked a ham.  It was really yummy and we enjoyed some fun sides with it.  
 After dinner, it was present time!!  There were so many presents as usual.
 Cousin picture!!
 Present time is always so much fun and crazy!

 Kate loved her American Girl Grace apron from Granna!
 The kids also got snorkel gear from Granna and Grandaddy for our trip this summer.

 Kelly and Andrew got Ben some bison meat jerky.
 Of course the infamous mint jelly had to show up again.  Ha!  It is a tradition.  It was wrapped in a crazy box this year so disguise it.
 We all spent the night at Granna's house and woke up to the smell of cooking beignets. It is a day after Christmas tradition!
 Everyone ate until they were full.
That wrapped up our Christmas celebrating.  It was a different, hard year but it was still good.  God carried us through and allowed us to make good memories in spite of circumstances.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Morning

Matt and I woke up bright and early on Christmas morning and as usual the kids slept in.  Ha!  The one day of the year.  Actually we woke them up around 6:45.  We did enjoy the quiet before they got up.  Sitting by the tree and looking at the presents!
Ben's stash for the year - a new 24 inch bike and Panthers stuff!
Kate's stuff - a doll diner and horse and lots of little surprises.
Adult stockings!
They were so excited to get up and check out their gifts!!
 I love Christmas morning!!  Seeing happy smiles and faces and squeals of joy.  It is so much fun!!

The giant candy was a big hit!
After opening stockings and checking out the Santa gifts, we had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of orange rolls and pigs in a blanket.
Then it was time to open our gifts to one another.  Kate loved her Shopkins holder.
The kids worked so hard picking out gifts for each other and they couldn't wait for the other to open it.  Kate was so excited for Ben to open the Lego she got him.
Ben got Kate a WiiU  Barbie game!  They were both so happy!
Kate's mermaid blankie tail was a huge hit!
I asked for and got several new pairs of sunglasses!
The rest of the day was spent playing and cleaning up.  I love the Christmas morning mess!
Christmas morning selfies!

Ben and Matt played some of their new games.
Kate played dolls all day!
Ben got a lot of new football movies so we watched several of them.
It rained all day long!  And when I say rained I mean poured.  It did not stop raining.  There were some serious flooding issues all around us.  Lots of roads closed and craziness.
Mema and Opa braved the flooding and came over to play some games and see all the presents.
It was a perfect Christmas morning!