Saturday, December 5, 2015

First Week of December Happenings

December kicked off with some new and fun things.  After lots of research we decided to go with a Costco mattress in a box for a our new mattress.  Yes our new king size mattress came in a box that was delivered to our door.  CRAZY!!!  This is how big is started as and now it is a huge king size mattress.  Our backs are loving it!  After 9 years it was time...
 We are in full blown Grinch mode in our house.  Kate's theater class has been working all semester on their own version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."
 Kate is Little Who Girl #1.  This weekend was the first dress rehearsal so we had to do "who hair" for the first time.  I would say it turned out pretty well!
 Sweet girls were so excited for their first dress rehearsal.  We are going to be spending lots of time together over the next few weeks getting ready for all the performances.
 Friday I took a "personal day" and headed down to Birmingham to visit my friend Lisa.  She had a sweet little boy, Caleb, in October.  I have been itching to see him and get my hands on him for the last few weeks!  He is absolutely precious!!
 I loved getting to catch up with Lisa.  We did a little shopping and then enjoyed lunch together.  I am so thankful for her and our special friendship.  God brought us together in Auburn and we have kept the friendship going for the past 15 years over many miles.  She is always such an encouragement to me!
 We also kicked off the Christmas clothes wearing season.  As the kids get older I get less and less Christmas clothes.  They just don't want to wear them.  I can usually get them to wear them for church on Sundays but that's about it.
It's getting exciting as we head into the Christmas season with all the fun that comes with that!