Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Week Fun

Our normal Christmas fun got a little off this year with everything going.  That just meant we had to pack as much fun into the last few days before Christmas as we could.  We kicked off with a campout in the living room by the tree drinking hot chocolate and watching Home Alone!  
 We had our annual get together with the Carlisles where we decorate Christmas cookies.  The kids always have so much fun with this tradition!
 The kids were very serious in their decorating this year although the creations were pretty crazy!

 These girls were really silly.  They even made a cookies that was insane.  Covered with tons of icing and decorations.

 This is the crazy cookie!  No one could even eat it without going into a diabetic coma.
 Such sweet kids and a fun time making cookies!!  As you can tell by the shorts and t shirts it has been really warm this week!  Like record high temperatures.  Doesn't really feel like Christmas!
 Our wonderful friends have been so good to bring our family dinner most nights which has been wonderful.  We are able to get together as a family and not have to worry about cooking.  Perry and Kate enjoyed watching some fun Christmas movies and Granna's house one night!
 We broke out Ben's new drone in between the rain (in addition to warm temperatures it has also been really rainy).  We now know why the instructions say to practice flying the drone in open spaces.  It has a mind of its own at times!  It flew off and we lost it for a while.  We had to search through the mud before finding it a street over.  But it sure was fun!
 The McClures gave us a gingerbread house and Kate and Addy had been begging to make it.  So we set out to do it today.
 It was looking really good.
 And then all the sudden it just collapsed.  Oops!  We tried to put it back together but had no luck!
So we just ate it!  
As you can tell, we have given up on perfection this Christmas and are all about having fun.  Things don't have to be picture perfect as long as we are together as a family and can laugh!