Monday, December 14, 2015

My Daddy

Tonight at 10:15 pm my sweet daddy got to meet His Savior face to face. My dad was not perfect by any means (although, to his little girl he was pretty close) but because He trusted in a perfect Jesus right now he is standing before God. 

He was the rock of our family. I never heard him raise his voice (except to yell at bad drivers). Kind, gentle, smart, funny and loving are words that just begin to describe him.  I always knew my daddy could fix any problem I had (and he always would). 

30 months ago he held me in his lap and told me he had cancer. He promised me he would fight hard but that no matter what happened God had a plan and he was sure of his faith. He kept his promise and fought so very hard. Harder than really humanly possible. But today surrounded by those he loved, God's perfect plan was revealed to us.  My dad does not have to fight any more. He is free of pain and suffering and he is resting.  

This is the last picture of our whole family. Forever on this earth a piece of us all will be missing. But one day soon we will all be together forever.