Sunday, December 20, 2015

20 Years!!!!

20 years ago today Matt and I had our first date!  CRAZY!!!!!  Considering in my mind I am about 24 years old, having been together for 20 years is pretty unfathomable.   20 years ago it was the day before my 15th birthday (that would make me 14.  AHHHH!!!).  Matt brought over a Chic-fil-a lunch and some birthday presents (a book on how to torture your cat if I remember correctly).  We watched the movie Guarding Tess and hung out for the afternoon.  Who knew what that would lead to 20 years later...
 We celebrated in a very low key way.  We just got on our Pjs and ate leftovers while watching a movie.  It was perfect after a very long, tough week.  It was nice to just be together.
I am so thankful for Matt and for God bringing us together so many years ago!  I often say it would not have been the path I would have chosen (meeting when we were so young and dating for so long) but it was God's choice for us and it was perfect!!  While we were at the hospital with my dad one of the last things my dad and I talked about was Matt.  He told me "you picked a good one."  I sure did!!!