Saturday, December 19, 2015

Eckley Family Christmas

We celebrated our first Christmas last night with the Eckley family.  We were so excited that Brett and Joanna and baby Turner were coming for a few days.  We had not gotten to meet our new cousin/nephew yet so it was going to be an extra special time.  Everyone was smitten with the new guy including Uncle Matt.  
 First up was yummy steaks grilled out by Opa!  Of course the main event of the night was present opening.  The kids could not wait to dig in!!
 The highlight gift was one for Ben.  Opa got tickets for Ben and Matt to go with him to the Panthers game next week.  Ben was totally surprised and his reaction was priceless. When he read the tickets his jaw dropped and he started crying.  It had been a long, tough week and he was just overwhelmed with joy.  It was the sweetest moment.  Not a dry eye from any of us there.  He was so excited!!!
 Mema and Opa were so generous and the kids racked up!  Ben loved his tickets, drone and Infinity 3.0!!
 Kate got Calico Critters, a karaoke machine, art set and bow and arrow.  She loved it all!
 Then we just had a fun time playing with all the new toys!
 The gift of the year for the adults was the Yeti cup!  So exciting!
 Ben and Uncle Brett got in a game of indoor badminton.  
 We of course had to get a cousin picture.  Excited to finally get one!!
It was such a great night.  So thankful for our wonderful family and great times together!