Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Ornaments for 2015

I always like to post the new ornaments for the year and the "stories" behind them each year so we will be able to remember them many years from now.  So here is the new ornaments 2015 edition...

We of course have our Pottery Barn dated ornament.  We have one from each year since 2003 when we were married.  Our tree is getting full of them.  This year we put a picture of us from the Grand Tetons which was also on our Christmas card.  
 We got this awesome stuffed buffalo in Yellowstone!  It is handmade from a local to Yellowstone and so cute.  It is one of our favorites ever!
 The beautiful handpainted ornament came from Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  The park was celebrating 100 years so it was the centennial ornament.  
 We added a Team Gary bracelet to the tree in honor of my dad.  It is a perfect way to honor and remember him every year on our tree.
 Ben's ornament for the year was the cute bike ornament.  It has lots of meanings.  He is getting a new big bike for Christmas.  He has also started riding around the neighborhood with his friends this year on his bike.  And finally in memory of his Grandaddy who loved to ride bikes.
 It was easy to come up with idea for Kate's ornament this year - Grinch!!  In honor of her first play we got her this cute Grinch and Cindy Lou Who ornament.  It even talks saying "Why, why are  you taking our Christmas tree."  This was a line from Kate's play so it was perfect!
 And last but not least - an Elvis ornament!  We got this on our Spring Break Memphis trip.  Makes us all laugh!