Monday, May 4, 2015

So Much Fun!

We had a great weekend as always.  It was a little crazy on Friday.  Matt had to work late and somehow I ended up wrangling a bunch of kids.  It was so much fun.  A house full of laughing, happy kids makes my heart sing!  Addy and Evan came over to spend the night.  The girls spent lots of time crafting.  
 Ben and Evan spent time working on their fort.  They have grand plans to create a new fort this summer.  Ben's buddy Kyle also came over for even more craziness.  I had to get all these boys to the ballfield for practices.
 While the boys were at practice, the girls had a bubble bath and pedicures.

 We finished up the night with movies for everyone.  I love having a house full of kiddos!
 Saturday morning was off to the ballpark for game for Ben.  He is doing so well at baseball.  Getting better every game.  So proud of him.
 Lots of yard work, party planning and trip planning took place in the afternoon before we went to celebrate Andrew's 31st birthday at Ichiban.  Andrew was sweet to pick one of the kid's favorite places for dinner.  We celebrated with pirate cookie cake.
Up next was a super busy Sunday...