Monday, May 11, 2015


I am not sure where to even start with this past weekend.  It was the craziest, funnest, insane weekend ever!  So much packed into it.  I guess I will start with the main event - Friday night's HUGE 60th birthday party for my dad!!  

I guess it all started over a year ago.  I would go visit my dad at chemo and he would ask me if I thought he would make it to 60.  I of course would tell him yes and that when he did we would throw him the biggest party ever.  My dad is a behind the scenes kid of guy.  He hates being the center of attention so as it got closer to his birthday we weren't sure if he would let us throw him a party but he was so excited!  There was so much to celebrate and we wanted to celebrate BIG!!  

So for the past few months Kelly and I have been meeting and plotting for a fun evening to celebrate my dad.  We decided to host a dinner party including fun games and photo booth.  We spent hours making everything perfect.  We were so excited for the evening!  I did not take a single picture at the party (just a little busy) but thankfully my Aunt Lisa took lots of amazing photos for us.  

 We went with a classic black, white and gold theme.  It was fun to plan all the little details.  We had a fun carrot cake made and we supplemented with cupcakes.  Kelly and I made over 100 cupcakes!

 We debated long and hard about where to have the party and finally decided to do it at our church.  It is a great venue for parties and it worked our perfectly.  The room looked beautiful and was so festive.  I did lots of Pinterest searching for table centerpiece options.  I combined several different options to come up with the perfect one for us.  Matt made gold stands that I strung pictures of my dad from each decade of his life.  It was so much fun to go back through all the family photos to pick out the major events in his life to highlight.

 These guys had a great time at the party.  They got to hang out with all their family and friends and were the center of attention.  Kate loved being on stage!
 We are so thankful that we had over 100 of our friends and family at the party.  It was amazing to have so many wonderful people join us to celebrate.  We are so blessed!
 It was wonderful to look around the room and know that all of these people love and support our family is so many ways.  It made my heart so full!
 First up on the agenda was dinner!  We had a wonderful Italian Feast.  It was wonderful!

 Then it was time to sing to the birthday boy.  Ben, Kate and Perry did an amazing job leading in "Happy Birthday."  So sweet to hear them singing to their granddaddy.  Then we broke into that wonderful cake!

 No birthday party is complete without games so we had some fun games planned out.  First up was "Gary Trivia."  Lots of obscure facts about my dad were exposed to the world!  Then we payed "Is the Celebrity Older or Younger than Gary?" which lead to lots of laughs.  Finally we finished up with "Name That Tune" with songs from each decade of my dad's life along with theme songs from some of his favorite TV shows.  Everyone really got into the games and had lots of fun.  We gave out prizes that went along with some funny stories that we told about my dad!  Just a little embarrassing I think!
Everything about the evening was just perfect!  We had so much fun celebrating this amazing man.  I hope he knows how much we all love and appreciate him.