Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Saturday of Summer

The kick off of summer continued on Saturday with lot of fun activities.  We went to the pool first thing and we were the only people there.  The kids had fun getting re acclimated to the water and swimming.  It was a gorgeous day (although the water is still freezing and you won't find me in the water until mid July)! 

 Late afternoon, we headed over to Decatur for the annual hot air balloon festival.  Our life group got together to go and see all the balloons.  We found a nice shady spot to have a picnic and hang out before the hot air balloon fun.

 The boys had a great time playing Frisbee and football.  
 There was a wind so unfortunately the balloons could not fly but thankfully they were able to blow them up so we could look at them.  We got to watch the process of blowing them up which was really neat.  

 There were so really beautiful balloons and some really funny ones.  The kids loved seeing them all

 We stuck around to see them glow at night which is always really cool.

It was a great day full of fun, family and friends!