Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting to Puerto Rico & Day 1

As promised here are the first pictures from the cruise. You guys asked for it so you are going to get it! More than you ever wanted to know about our trip.

Ben did great on the plane flight down to Puerto Rico. He watched movies the whole way. He only fell asleep the last 10 minutes of the flight. We had met up with my parents and brother and sister in law in Atlanta so we were all on the same flight down. It was nice to have help on the plane ride down. Just as a hint to anyone flying with little ones. Load up your iPhone and/or iPod with movies and TV shows. It was awesome to have on the plane an all throughout the trip.

All 7 of us plus our tons of bags piled into a taxi and made it to our hotel. We ate some traditional Puerto Rican food for dinner. This is Ben "playing the slots" in the restaurant.

Sunday morning we got up and took a walk around San Juan. We found a park and let Ben play for a while. The girls hanging out!

Ben enjoying a Puerto Rico park.

Ben and Grandaddy!

It was then time to get on the ship!!!!! We flew through the check in process and got on board!

Adventure of the Seas!
Ben enjoying the first buffet lunch! Little did he know how much he was going to eat over the next week!
Waiting for our room to be ready. Hanging out in the library playing cards. We played lots of cards during the week.

Our "muster drill" We had to go to the dinning room. And they didn't have any life jackets for Ben so it was a good thing the ship didn't sink!

We enjoyed our first dinner in the dining room! Ben loved eating most of the time. The meals were a little long. He did great though. We loved our waiters!! Lyndon and Rachel were awesome!

We took a nice walk after dinner. I had been having nightmares for months about Ben falling overboard. I was so nervous for him to get near the railing.

We played our first round of trivia! We won!!!!

It was a great start!!! So much more to come...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update on the Eckley's

Well we made it back from our trip! We had a blast!! It was so much fun. I know you are all dying to see pictures and I promise I will get around to posting them. There are only almost 700 to go through. I am trying to decide the best way to post them. Hopefully I will start a series of blogs over the next few days.

Now onto the big news with us...

Yep, probably the worst kept secret around but we are expecting another baby!! We are very excited for the new little one to join our family sometime around December 5th. I am about 12 weeks now and all is going well. Ben has no clue what is going on but when you ask him he says he wants a girl baby and he wants to name her "mama."

So I guess that is the news with us!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while! For the few of you that read this blog I am sure you are so disappointed (not really - you probably haven't even noticed). One of my pet peeves is people who don't update their blog (or put pictures with posts which there won't be any with this one). Anyways, we have been super busy the last few weeks. Not with anything very exciting but with just life. We had a huge yard sale last week so every minute was spent getting ready for that and this week we are packing for the cruise. We leave on Friday so there will be another week of no posts. But I promise I will get back to posting when we get back! It will be worth the wait I promise!!!