Friday, August 7, 2009

Why We Don't Have a Pet

We at the Eckley house are going to be permanently stuck in a delima over pets. I am a cat person and Matt is a dog person. He hates cats and I hate dogs. I don't think we will ever be able to come to a stalemate in order to determine what pet we should get. So the poor kids will just have to suffer through life with no pets. Although last week I was very thankful and understood why we don't have pets. We were watching our neighbor's dog. Of course it was pouring down rain and he needed to be fed. I waited as long as possible but then knew he was probably starving so Ben and I put on raincoats and tromped over in the rain to feed Shiloh. Ben loves Shiloh and thought it was great fun to be in the rain feeding a dog. I on the other hand was reinforced in my hatred for dogs. At least with cats they are inside and you don't have to go in the rain to feed them! Just thought I would share some thoughts on pets!

Here is Ben feeding Shiloh! And here is my cutie in his raincoat!