Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Football Time!

I love fall! Not just because of the great weather but because of football!! We had a big football weekend at our house. Friday night we met up with our friends the Newbys and went to the local high school football game. It was the big rivalry game between Grissom and Huntsville. Both Matt and I graduated from Grissom but we now live in the Huntsville district and Ben will go to Huntsville so we are slowly switching our allegence. We did sit on the Grissom side and ended up cheering for Grissom. It was probably the best high school football game I have ever been to. Very exciting!! Grissom ended up winning in the end. Ben LOVED the game. He sat next to Matt and asked him a million questions about everything. He watched every minute of it. The whole way home he talked about "kicking it through the yellow" which is what he called a field goal. It was so much fun to see him enjoy it so much!

Then Saturday was the Auburn game! We were all a little under the weather this weekend so we just hung out at home all weekend and watched football! There is nothing better than a day of college football!! It was nice not to be so busy and to just enjoy a day at home. We are glad our Auburn Tigers pulled out a good win!

Ben and Matt at the Friday night game!Ben showing off his Auburn pride! He looked so cute in his little Auburn polo (Thanks Brad & LeeAnn!)


LeeAnn said...

Love the shirt! Glad it fits!