Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Pink Paint Saga

I have always known that if I had a little girl I would paint her room pink. I love pink and I figure my little girl may not like pink one day so I would paint her nursery pink to ensure that I get to have a pink room. Little did I know that pink paint is hard to pick out!

I picked out a bedding a couple of weeks ago for the room from Pottery Barn. It is really cute and has pink and green which I love. We decided we are going to do the room really graphic and do pink stripes on 3 walls and then a green wall with polka dots. It is going to be cute. But we have run into some problems. I had found a pink paint that I thought would do great. I had debated and debated but thought it was not going to be too dark and would really look good. We had the painter scheduled to come this week (Matt is super busy and doesn't have time to paint until after his test and we have a cheap painter). Matt put a little of the paint up on the wall and it glowed!! It was so bright and so dark! I almost cried. Paint is not cheap so I didn't want to go buy more. So I took it back and they tried to lighten it up but it was just too dark. So we mixed in a bunch of white paint last night and repainted some. It looks better but I still can't decide. The painter is coming tomorrow so I have to decide before then!! Thoughts??? Not that the pictures are good and you can tell.
The bedding!
Original glow in the dark pink paint! Newly mixed pink paint. It does look better!

The pink and green paint together.


Eric and Amanda said...

I love it and think you will be happy once it is all in there together!
I was bright at first, but you toned it down well!
Go for it!!! Accessories and stuff will complete it and make you happy. The bedding is precious and your little one will make it as cute as it needs to be!

Amanda said...

I think it will look great once it is all done and you have the bedding, etc. set up! I know how you feel because I felt the same way when we were painting Emma's room pink. I thought it was too bright and cried over it for days. But, once I got everything else in the room I was happy with it. Pink is just really hard to get right! I love your idea of the pink stripes and green polka dot wall. And love the bedding! (I wanted that bedding for Emma's room, but pottery barn had stopped making all the pieces at that time). Anyway, try not to stress about it too much. I know it will look so cute when it is done!