Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Randomness

No real theme to today's post.  Just a few random things.  First off - Sweet baby Grace arrived last Friday.  Our awesome friends Brad & LeeAnn welcomed Grace and we are so excited for them.  Isn't she the cutest.  I cannot wait to get to hold her! 
 I put the Auburn wreath on the door yesterday which means it is almost football season (my favorite season)!!!  How exciting.  We can't wait for the game on Saturday.  Not so sure how the Tigers will do this year but that's ok.  It will still be great.
 And just a few pictures of the kids.  Ben really enjoys playing basketball in the driveway these days. Soccer starts up on Thursday so that will be fun!

 And the crazy girl.  Really she is crazy!  Her hair is just insane and she has the personality to match.
 Her new favorite thing to do is dance.  If she hears any music she just starts dancing away.  So cute!
I told you it would be random.  But that is our life - totally random!