Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Family Party

We finished off the day of celebrating Kate with a family party.  We are so thankful that our family is so close and can celebrate with us.  The Auburn/Georgia game was going on during the party at Build A Bear and was still going on as we went out to dinner.  So we were all a little distracted as we started eating.  We were checking for updates on the game which ended with a miracle touchdown and Auburn being 10-1!!  

Back to Kate's birthday...  She chose to go out to dinner at Ichiban.  That was great for us we love some Japanese food!  Her favorite part of the meal is always the noodles.  

 They played a drum and sang "Happy Birthday" to her!

 Then it was back to our house to open presents and have some cupcakes.  Our family was generous as always!  So many wonderful things.
 Perry was excited to get in on the present opening action!
 Kate loved her ladybug umbrella and rain boots.  She also got some great toys including Polly Pockets, Calico Critters, a Sophia dress, Ariel dolls and Build A Bear gift card.  So many great things!
 We had to get the traditional pictures with all our family and the birthday girl.  How cute is this picture.
 We had some yummy chocolate cupcake and ice cream!

What a fun day it was celebrating our sweet 4 year old!!  We were all worn out after all the partying!