Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stormy Weather

Well, things have been really interesting the last few days around these parts.  For about a week stormy weather has been predicted for our area.  It started looking like things were going to get a bit dicey yesterday so they let school out early (don't get me started on that).  We took advantage of a little extra time off and enjoyed the pretty weather (yes it was pretty all afternoon - sunny and warm).  The kids played in the sprinklers and on the slip and slide.  They had a blast.  
 We stayed outside as long as possible playing until the weather started looking rough.  Then the kids came in to watch some movies.
 Matt and I hung out watching the weather.  I kind of hate to admit it but I like stormy weather.  I like watching weather coverage.  Storms don't scare me so I like tracking them.
 We had our "safe area" ready in case we needed it.  Thankfully we didn't.  The storms stayed to our west and north.  There were a couple of pretty bad tornadoes but we were all safe.
Another round was predicted for today so school got out early again.  It was even prettier this afternoon and thankfully there was no bad weather so that was good.  We have enjoyed the low key 1/2 days but it looks like it will be back to normal tomorrow.  Hopefully with good weather for the rest of the spring.