Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Week 2

Week 2 kicked of with a low key Saturday that ended with a game night at Andrew and Kelly's.  We got Andrew Pandemic Legacy for Christmas.  It is a long play game that builds on itself.  We plan to play it over the year.  We won the first game and saved the world.  It was a good start.  
 Winter finally arrived on Sunday.  After an unusually warm few weeks it was nice to have a cold spell.  Everyone had to pull out their heavy coats and we saw some snowflakes on the way to church!  These guys were really excited about the cold!
 Kate has been asking (maybe bordering on begging) for weeks to go to Ichiban.  She loves the hibachi noodles!  She was so excited when we went after church.  Look at that big smile.  She was in her happy place.
 Monday was awesome!!!  Our sweet friends the Sanfords (who we visited in Denver last summer) were in town so I checked the kids out of school early for some play time.  They were so excited to have a couple of hours together.  They picked right back off where they left off in the summer.  Thankful for sweet friends!
 Tuesday Kate's theater class kicked off for the semester.  She is so excited about the Peanuts play they are going to be doing in the spring.  I even found a Snoopy shirt for her to wear from a thrift shop.  I think she had a great time since she was bouncing off the walls when she got done!
 It's always a good day when your bestie comes home from school for a playdate!  They were so excited and had a blast on Thursday afternoon.  
 Every Friday we kick off the day by listening to the song Friday in the car on the way to school.  Kate loves it and dances along.  Ben is too cool for it these days but I secretly know he loves it.  I hope they always remember how much fun we had even just in driving to school.  By the way this is the worst song ever!!