Friday, January 1, 2016

Ringing in 2016!

We rang in 2016 last night with the Johnsons.  It was a great night full of family fun!  We started off the evening by going to dinner at Rosies.  It is usually really crowded but we learned that New Years Eve when there is an Alabama game on TV is the time to go to Rosies!
We then came back to our house for some game time playing Catan!  It was lots of fun!!  Perfect, relaxing way to spend the evening.  
The kids enjoyed some Wii U time and some movies.  They manage to always make their own fun.  
 Hence the conga line that broke out around 10:00!  They were a little crazy.
 Everyone started getting a little tired so around 11:30 we put on the Netflix kids countdown and toasted in the New Year.

After the Johnsons left, our kids were still going strong so we stayed up and saw 2016 in for real.  It was the perfect evening.  Nothing better than ringing in the new year with friends and family!!