Monday, January 19, 2009

Poor Little Boy!

Sorry it has been a while!! Last week was so cold we didn't really do anything interesting to write about. Really we didn't! We only left the house for work and school and that was very different from our normal busy life. We also worked on a big project that I will update you on soon.

Yesterday afternoon Ben woke up from his nap with a limp. He had a limp for about 4 days around Christmas and we didn't know why but it went away so we didn't think anything of it. Now I have figured it out... he is getting his foot stuck through the slats in his crib and hurting it somehow. It isn't swollen but it obviously hurts him. This morning he couldn't put any weight on it. He was having to scoot around the house and use furniture to prop on. He kept lifting up his foot and saying "uh oh." It was so cute but sad. I felt really bad for the little guy. I set him up with a pillow to prop it on and let him watch cartoons and that seemed to help (or maybe it was the Tylenol). He is able to put some weight on it now and seems to be doing better. We are going to have to figure something out to keep this from happening again. Any suggestions?

Here is the little invalid!