Thursday, March 5, 2009

2 Years Old!

My little baby is getting so BIG!!! We went to the doctor this morning for his 2 year check up. He did great at his appointment. He had to get 2 shots and blood drawn. He did fine with the shots but hated having his finger pricked. It wasn't the pain that bothered him. It was the fact that blood got on him and he hates to be messy! And boy was it messy. There was blood everywhere. The nurse walked back in the room and said wow! The doctor said he was "awesome." He is doing everything he should be doing and health wise everything is great! Here were his stats:

  • Weight - 28.3 pounds (55th%)
  • Height - 34.5 inches (53rd%)
  • Head Circumference - 51 cm (94th% - He has a big head!)

He is not a little baby anymore! He is doing so good and growing so big! The dietitian in me loves that he is right at the 50th%ile. He is also on track developmentally with everything. I answered yes to all the developmental questions they ask you at the doctor. No big changes from the doctor. He said we could switch to skim milk but we already did that 2 months ago (another dietitian thing in me!)

I was going to write some things that he is doing new these days but I can't think of anything off the top of my head. He is talking more and more each day. It is amazing how much he is talking. He went from being a silent little boy to not being quiet! He loves to run and jump all the time. Ben is all boy!!! What a difference 2 years makes.