Monday, March 30, 2009

Playhouse Disney LIVE!!!

We had an awesome family night Friday night. We got tickets to see Playhouse Disney Live! Ben loves all of the shows on playhouse Disney so we figured he would like to see it live. We went out to CC's pizza before the show which Ben loved. We got to the VBC where the show was. Ben was so excited. It was his first time there and it was great to watch him check it all out. Our seats were way in the back (we were late getting tickets) but we could still see great. Ben was mesmerized the whole show! He just sat there watching every minute. He didn't move a muscle. No smiling, no singing, no moving. Just staring. He was taking it all in. We guess he liked it. He didn't really show any emotion and since he doesn't saw much he won't tell us. But he did get excited to watch TV on Saturday morning when he saw all the characters. I guess he was saying he saw them the night before! After the show we went to Coldstone for some ice cream. It was a great fun night! As a side note... I think we are the only parents that didn't buy anything for their kid. They of course were selling all sorts of crazy stuff at super crazy prices. We refused to buy anything so our poor deprived child didn't get anything. Oh well. We spent enough on the tickets!


Jess Gordon said...

Gabe and I were there too with some friends. Gabe was exactly the same at first; he barely showed any emotion and looked very serious as he watched without blinking an eye (but by the end, he did stand up and start dancing around a little bit). Don't worry, I didn't buy anything either (I did get a Mickey Mouse t-shirt for Gabe from Sears ahead of time to save money). I wish we would have seen you there!

Amanda Sanford said...

We saw the show in Bham on Saturday and our kids LOVED it too! We loved it, for that matter! It was really cute and entertaining. Friends gave us tickets, yet we STILL resisted the temptation to buy anything...wait, I was NOT tempted by those prices! It was crazy! Not this thrifty chick! Glad yall enjoyed it, and good job being strong willed about not purchasing! Ben will appreciate that life lesson many times over in his lifetime!

Jennifer said...

Glad you all had fun! We thought it was a really cute show too!!! And the prices were ridiculous! The only reason my boys got anything was because my mom and dad went too! But I did limit mom to what she could buy.