Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Proud

I just want to brag on my little guy for a minute. He is doing so many new and great things these days. He just loves school and loves to go learn new things. I am so proud of him!!! Last week I asked him if he knew how to write. He said no but would like to learn how to write his name. So I showed him one time how to do it and he has been practicing like crazy. This is big for him. He hates to color and really has no interest in doing anything that involves sitting and concentrating. I figure he is 3 and we are in no hurry for him to grow up and do big things so he can just play while he can. But it is awesome that he is beginning to show interest in learning "big kid" things. I just had to share his beautiful name. Pretty good if you ask me. He is so proud as am I!
He also wanted me to take a picture of his chipmunk wearing an Auburn football helmet (it is an ornament off the tree). He has the best imagination and for days he has been pulling ornaments down and playing with them like crazy. He can find anything and turn it into something else and play for hours! Just had to share a picture of sweet Kate too! She is getting so close to walking. She really hasn't shown an interest until lately. She can stand on her own and take about 1/2 a step but then she sits down. She can walk all over just holding onto one hand. I figure it will be really soon and she will be off!