Monday, December 6, 2010

While Moms Away...

When I left on Friday, it was the first time that Matt had been alone with both of the kids overnight. He was so sweet to let me have some "time off." He wasn't nervous at all!! A big thanks to my dad that helped out with the kids while Matt had to work and on Friday night so that Matt could go to his brother's graduation. Once again Matt tweeted their experience so I will let that be the commentary on the blog. I will add in some of my own commentary at the end as well.

Excited for another day without mommy. Should be an action packed day!

DWM stop 1: @wbccares for a Bethlehem breakfast. Like a Disney character meal, but with the Nativity characters. Sounds like @jonacuff

Ben and Mary and baby Jesus

DWM stop 2: picking up a Christmas present for mommy. Remembered the stroller this time! #trialanderror

DWM stop 3: graduation party for my little bro, Brett. So proud of the hard work he put toward his Master's (on top of full time work and fam)!

While mom's away, the kids blue cupcakes.

Have enjoyed watching the first half with 2 napping kids. I doubt the second half will be as quiet around here.

I like to see the Twitter commentary to know what is going on with the kids! Sounds like they had a blast. It was a busy day for them so they didn't miss me too much. This was the first year our church did the Bethlehem breakfast. It was really neat. They had the characters roaming around and the kids got to interact with them. Ben loved it. He was telling me all about it when I got home. Each character gave them something special.
They also had a great time at the party for Uncle Brett. Kate got to meet Joanna's nephew Asher who is just a little younger than her. They had a good time playing together.

I got home at the start of the 4th quarter of the football game! How awesome!!!!!! 13-0!!! SEC Champs!!!!! We are going Duck hunting January 10th!!!! Can't wait!!!!
So it was a successful and fun weekend for everyone. I sure did miss those kids. I don't know how I am going to do 5 days without them coming up soon!!