Monday, February 6, 2012

Long Day

I fell fast asleep at 6:20 tonight. I was asleep for about 5 minutes until I was hit over the head with a plastic sword by a little girl. I guess it is a sign of a long, rough day. Started early with speech therapy for Ben. Actually today he had a reevaluation. He did amazing on his evaluation and is caught up to age appropriate development. His therapist said that he is beyond kindergarten level. We are so excited for that. He has worked so hard on his speech and we are proud of his improvement. So he will no longer be getting speech services. The rest of the morning was filled with school, grocery store, laundry and other errands.

After picking up Ben from school we headed out to Bridge Street to do a few errands and get a special yogurt treat! The kids loved the yogurt of course.
Then it was off to the eye doctor. Ben needed a check up. It was not the best of news. He is still having some issues with his "bad" eye. Dr. Jen changed up his prescription (He will actually have bifocals) and we will start back on the drops that make his use his bad eye. Not exactly the news we wanted but we are glad that we are able to work with his eye. Now that he is beginning to learn to read it is really important that he can focus up close so we want to do whatever it takes. We spent a long time at the office and it was a challenge with 2 very tired kids.

No naps for any of us so we were all tired (hence my 6:o0 nap). Kate was into everything tonight. i even caught her pulling up the living room rug! Everyone is is bed now and I think I will head that way soon!