Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Kindergarten Field Trip

Ben got to go on his very first kindergarten field trip today.  And it was to the pumpkin patch which is just too much fun!  I was lucky enough to get to be a chaperon which I really enjoyed.  He has the most well behaved class of kindergarteners.  His teacher is amazing and she expects so much out of them.  Here they are before we headed out getting the rules explained to them.  
 And the bus ride which is always a highlight for all of the kids!
 Lunchtime!  Nothing like that brown bag lunch!
Ben's favorite part was playing in the corn crib.  Do you think he was having fun?
The other favorite part - jumping on the giant pillow.  So fun!
 His whole sweet class!  They are just great.
 We got to go on a hay ride to go pick our pumpkins.
 Ben found his very quickly and it was a big one!
 With a couple of his buddies!
What a fun day it was!  I am so glad I was able to spend the day with my sweet little guy.  And guess what? We get to go back tomorrow as a family so be on the look out for more pictures!!