Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Want to Remember

Terrible 2's are real!  It has been very trying with Kate.  She seems to be testing us and trying her limits at all times.  That makes for some really long days full of correction.  It has been tough.  There are times I want to give up but then I remember how sweet and special she is at other times.  Her little giggle makes me smile every time I hear it.  She laughs with everything in her.  I can just sit and soak it in.  She also tells the funniest stories.  They are so elaborate and full of details.  I love seeing her little personality emerging.  Her favorite thing to do is to have us each pretend to be a different character from a Disney movie.  All day long we are either Simba or Cinderella or the Stepmother.  She just loves to pretend.  I just want to remember every little thing about her at this time - the good and the bad.  I know they are both molding her into who she will become and also molding me into a better person.  


The South Family said...

Be prepared, because three year old little girls are even sassier than a two year old. At least that's how it was with Claire. ;)