Thursday, June 27, 2013

Catching Up A Little More

I still have a few more pictures of the fun stuff we have been doing over the past couple of weeks that I need to share...

Kate and I enjoyed a fun time riding our bikes one night.  It sure is hot during the days so night time is the only time to get outside.  We love our purple and pink bikes!
 We have done A LOT of swimming in the last few weeks (that whole it's really hot thing)!  We had the best time swimming with the Cabras last week.  I think this may be one of my new favorite pictures.
 The girls had so much fun!  Nothing like swimming for 6 hours with friends!
 Last Thursday we headed to downtown Huntsville to the Green Street Farmer's Market.  We had heard really great things about it and were not disappointed.  There were lots of great vendors selling all sorts of neat things.  The kids were excited to get gourmet Popsicles.  I think they were watermelon rosemary.  They had so much good food at the market.  We can't wait to go back.
 The best thing about the farmer's market was that my dad was feeling well enough to go so the whole family (minus Andrew who was working) was able to go.  What a special memory.  Love this picture!  Everyone looks great!
 Friday night we enjoyed a fun night at the park with the Johnson family.  These kiddos had a great time!!  And the adults had lots of fun too.
 Saturday night our life group at church got together for frozen yogurt and some park time.  Kate had so much fun with her sweet friends.
 Our sweet friends surprised us by having a prayer time for my dad and then taking a "Team Gary" photo.  What a special time.  Love this picture!  Speaking of we need your Team Gary photos!!!
I think that gets us all caught up.  What a fun summer it has been.  We are exhausted but it has been fun.