Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Massive Tent

It is hard to believe that summer is 1/2 over!  It goes by way to quickly!!  It is also panic mode time for our Summer List of Fun.  We have completed 26 of our 56 things on the list.  We have got to get working if we are going to cross everything off.  Yesterday we decided to work on building a blanket fort.  Instead of our normal fort with one blanket and 2 chairs we went all out and did 4 blankets and 6 chairs.  It was massive!!  Ben and Kate had so much fun playing in it.  They got every stuffed animal they owned and put them in it.  
 After bath they got in the sleeping bags in the tent and watched a movie.  They even got to sleep in it last night.  So much fun!!
 Tonight we needed a pick up so we went to Sweet CeCe's for "Two Punch Tuesdays."  We had a gift card that a friend and loyal blog reader had sent us.  Thank you so much Mrs. Tidwell!!!  We all enjoyed our froyo!!
I sure am going to be sad when summer is over and all the fun comes to an end!


Karen Tidwell said...

You are so welcome. I enjoy seeing all the fun things you do with Ben and Kate.