Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Day at the Lake

We kicked off our Memorial Day weekend/summer with a fun trip to the lake to spend the day with the McClures.  They were camping all weekend in an RV they rented at Honeycomb lake and they invited us to join them for the day on Saturday.  It is our kind of "camping" - just a few hours of all the fun and not the yucky stuff.  It was a perfect day.  The weather was gorgeous and the kids had a blast.  
 They loved the beach area at the lake.  Neither of them ever really enjoy the beach so I was surprised they enjoyed it at the lake.  They could have played there all day.  They swam and dug and played so hard.

 The campsite had several fun activities for the kids including a visit from the local fire department.  They got to try on some of the equipment.  The firefighters also sprayed the kids with the hoses.

 We rented a canoe and enjoyed some spins around the lake.
 It was so beautiful!!  So peaceful to just sit and enjoy God's creation.

 Addy and Kate spent lots of time coloring together.
 Ben and Evan enjoyed some fishing!
 Kate and I went on a hayride together!
 The boys played some poker (with rocks) around the campfire.
 Matt did a great job fixing us a wonderful dinner over the campfire.
 Of course there were s'mores.
 We finished the day just sitting around the fire enjoying time with friends.  It was a blast of a day.  So thankful for special friends and good times!