Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Line on the Resume

Friday night Matt and I got to do something really cool!  We attended the "premiere" of an education video game.  It is called Touching Triton.  It is a really neat way to teach students about complex genetics through a game.  Kelly has been working on the project for several years so it was really great to see it come together. 
 Matt and I got invited because we were "advisers" on the project.  It means we helped answer a few questions about nutrition and drugs.  Nothing complicated but really neat.  Our names are even in the credits of the game.  How cool!!!  I guess I can add video game adviser to my resume now!
 The premiere party was fun!  Everyone involved in the project was there including some of the actors.  There was some great food and good company.  We got special Argos pins and posters to bring home.