Friday, September 25, 2015

Blogging Update

So you have probably noticed my absence lately from blogging.  Not something I planned.  I guess after 6 years of almost daily blogging I have finally run out of things to say!  Having both kids in school full time has limited what I have to post about.  I haven't been taking many pictures of what we do on a daily basis because we are so busy just trying to get everything done.  Both kids are also getting to where they ask me not to post some of the things they do and say.  I want to honor their wishes with that as well.  So I guess all that has led to the decrease in posting.  I am by no means stopping blogging but it probably won't be as often.  I will post about the big things we do but probably less about the day to day.  

This has been hard for me.  I have always wanted to blog 5 times a week and would make sure it happened.  If it didn't happen I would feel like a failure.  I am learning a great lesson through this - holding myself to a standard of grace not perfection.  My type A personality makes that really hard to do but I am working on it.  Jesus sees grace when He looks at me so I need to look at myself the same way!  
 And here is a picture of my sweet ones!  I write the blog so that one day they can look back and read about what their childhood.