Monday, September 14, 2015

GORGEOUS Weekend!!!!

What can I say about the weekend other than it was absolutely gorgeous!!!  Well, it didn't start out great on Friday with a stormy afternoon so after school there was movies and impromptu sleepovers which is always fun.  
 Saturday we woke up to wonderful temperatures and beautiful skies.  The kids spent all day outside playing.  Well the boys took some breaks to play Minecraft but at least they were outside.
 Kate met a new friend on our street who is in kindergarten as well.  She fit in perfectly and the girls had so much fun playing all day.  They were so creative and had a blast!  While the kids were playing we were doing some chores around the house and then watching the Auburn Jacksonville State game.  We thought it would be an easy win but boy were we wrong.  It took overtime for Auburn to eek out a win.  It's going to be a long season...
 We continued our day of enjoying the beautiful weather by heading over to Bridge Street to eat dinner and enjoy being outside.  We bought the BeanBoozled jelly beans at the candy store then had a blast playing it!!  So many laughs and so much fun!
 The kids had a great time playing in the fountain.  Only one kid fell in.  I will give you one guess who it was...  Her name starts with K and ends with ate.  It was hilarious and thankfully she thought it was funny too.
 We had such a good time with the Carlisles.  Thankful for so many wonderful friends!
Sunday we enjoyed more time with friends after church and more time outside.  It was just glorious!!