Monday, September 21, 2015

Life Lately

We are still alive.  I know my posting has been sort of lacking lately but we are still here and doing great!  We have been spending many evenings at the soccer fields.  Lots of fun seeing our guy play some ball!
 We had to give Ben a hard time last Friday.  Fridays are usually for Auburn clothes but Ben accidentally wore LSU colors.  Oops.  Not a good sign when you wear clothes for that week's opponent.
 This girl...  What are we going to do with her?  She loves to play and gets so dirty.  We had to laugh at how crazy dirty she got!
 Friday night Matt and I were lucky enough to get a last minute date night thanks to my parents.  We were so excited to get some time to ourselves.  We drove over to Guntersville to eat at Top of the River.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the lake.

 The weekend was pretty low key.  Spent lots of time playing and relaxing.  These boys did some crazy things on the swing set.  They crack me up.
 We also watched the not so fun Auburn game on Saturday.  Ben was ready to be sent into the game if they needed him and they sure did.  Poor Auburn.  It was sort of sad.  It is going to be a long season.
 Sunday we enjoyed even more time outside.  So thankful for some cooler weather.  We will take it while it lasts.
I guess that catches us up on what we have been up to lately.  Nothing earth shaking but it just us!